Christine Columbo is a recognized oil painting artist, with work shown in multiple shows and online exhibits in the US. An OPA (Oil Painters of America) member, she has received over 30 awards for her oil and watercolor paintings in the last two years. Growing up in New Jersey, Christine learned how to draw before she learned how to read. Her artistic father gave her lessons starting at 5 years old after noticing her ability to draw from life.

After receiving an undergraduate degree in Art from the State College of New Jersey, she went on to get a computer programming degree, and then a master’s degree from NYU in business and philosophy. During her subsequent career years, she worked in New York City as a computer graphic artist, programmer and financial consultant. Hoping her academic studies and New York City lifestyle and career would create a life of happiness, she was surprised to find a very different calling at the age of 35. Following her heart, she “walked out of her life” and for the next 19 years lived as a monastic.

In 2016 she moved to a monastery in Crestone, Colorado. For the next two years she stayed in retreat and it was during this time she began drawing and painting again. She immediately received recognition through awards, publications, and bookings for commissions.

Reflecting on her life, Christine has said, “For much of my life although it appeared I had achieved success, I didn’t feel my life had purpose. This led to my monastic journey, meditation, service and eventually a journey into the depths of my own heart. At the end of my 19 years as a monastic, and spiritual practitioner it was as if nothing had happened and everything had happened. I appeared the same but the lens through which I viewed the world was completely different. My heart was open and filled with love and my paintings are how I try to capture the beauty I experience all around.”

Christine has recently moved to Taos, NM. She has resumed taking commissions per lifting of COVID stay at home orders. Current original work and limited edition prints are available through Sage Fine Art Gallery in Taos, NM, Art111 Gallery in Colorado Springs, CO, and Firedworks Gallery in Alamosa, CO.