"We must be revived, we must become one again with that

which we were, in God, before we were creatures"

Jacob Boehme




Dearest friends,
Thank you to all who attended the Grand Junction retreat weekend June 3rd through 5th.
It was an honor to speak with you and explore this Sacred Heart journey together.
Below you will find an upcoming retreat schedule currently being planned. 
Please call or text me for further information or if any questions at 720-357-3703.

In love and devotion, ani


2022 Retreat Schedule
July 1 - 3, 2022  - Calling All Angels Weekend Retreat, Part II

A weekend retreat exploring the Sacred Heart with Ani Lodro
This retreat is now fully booked.


JULY 28 - 31, 2022 - Heart of the Divine Mini Retreat

Thu, Jul 28, 20224:00 PM  Sun, Jul 31, 20221:00 PM

Sharon Landrith & Ani Lodro co-teaching event

Dear Friends, only the commuter option is available for this retreat,
the lodging at Vajra Vidya is fully booked.  To register for the commuter option



Experience an intimate journey into your divine heart in this mini retreat with Sharon and Ani Lodro set in the magical surroundings of the sacred mountains of Crestone. We will explore our inner nature and expand our capacity to truly and freely give and receive love abundantly. As we experience and open into the sacred inner chambers of our hearts, we tap into the highest potential for divine union.  If you are seeking to reconnect with your heart essence, this retreat will nourish and renew you into higher states of joy, expansion, and balance. Guided meditations, dharma talks, satsang, and spiritual storytelling will uplift you and restore your sense of connection to embodied love through your sacred heart.




September 24 - October 1, 2022     Love Embodied Retreat

A week retreat with Sharon Landrith at Vajra Vidya, Crestone

Lodging and commuter options for this retreat are now fully booked.

December 17 - 22, 2022

Buddha's Prophesy:  The Birth of the Christ

A 5 day retreat with Ani Lodro at Vajra Vidya, Crestone

Join for a celebration of the birth of the Christ,  prophesied by Guatama Buddha as

'the Holy One who will be the Golden Boat which will carry you over the cycle of rebirths

all the way to the highest heaven... which is Nirvana" 

Teachings, meditation and satsang will support our aspirations to encounter Jesus Christ as the great Bodhisattva who gave humanity the gift of Christ Consciousness / Love as a doorway into "the highest heaven, opened by God's Grace, not by our own works".

Cost:   $550 (includes lodging and meals)

For registration or more information,

please call Ani Lodro at 719-256-5539, or text 720-357-3703

January 28 - February 4, 2023 (not yet confirmed)

 'Heaven on Earth' Week Retreat

A 7 day retreat with Ani Lodro in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This retreat is not yet confirmed, please call ani for more details if interested.

Cost: $880 (includes lodging and meals)




Sophia with new background 04-30-20 andr
GAIA: Goddess Guardian Warrio World