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The Legend of the Tree of Hearts Story is printed on the back:


    There was once a Mother tree that grew on the North Shore of Lake Owassa, at the far edge of the bank, watching over the lake and all living creatures that called it home.

    Year after year she leaned over the water’s edge, offering her watchful gaze, love and shelter to all the living creatures on the lake, both in water and on land. And each year she became more crooked and bent, leaning over the bank a little bit more. Time pased and with each year Mother tree’s lean became more pronounced, and more of a strain on her fragile roots as she unceasingly took care of her lake children.

    Then one September night, the first Fall winds blew stronger then ever. Mother’s roots, already so weak, began to break and as she started to fall into the lake the creaking of her trunk echoed across the water, and her roots shook the ground. All the lake life heard her falling and began to weep, saying their goodbyes. And Mother in turn sent her love to all.

    Suddenly, there was quiet as all the creatures noticed the lake’s ground vines begin to rise up together and wrap themselves tightly around the Mother. The family of vines then began to dig their own roots deeper and deeper in the bank to hold Mother in place. All night long they stayed liked this, Mother and children in a loving embrace, as the strong winds threatened around them. 

    By morning the winds had calmed, the family of vines still tightly wrapped around their Mother. But with the new day’s light all the lake creatues began 

to rejoice. The vine children’s digging into the ground had anchored and pulled Mother back towards the bank. She was now standing straight, no longer in danger.

    Mother tree was overcome with joy. She had never felt so loved. Her heart opened, she began to blush, and her leaves began to turn red. Ever since, the Autumn leaves have continued to turn red, to remind us of our love for our Mothers, and how love between Mother and child is the most special, and healing, of all. 

The Legend of the Tree of Hearts

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