christine columbo

Fine Art

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Diamond Award of Excellence - Gallery Ring  

Laurily is perfection. It wants nothing. A gentle girl looks off to the left with a serious and thoughtful expression that incites curiosity in the viewer. Strands of her hair fall forward across her eye and face in the centre of the picture offering beautiful, delicate information while breaking up the surrounding solid components that rule the space. Quiet, soft edges throughout that smudge, fade and blur into and over each other are responsible for the resulting misty texture and ethereal conditions. The splash of light bathing the girl's head supplies a glowing energy that allows for a hazy passage into the background while also placing her into a setting for consideration. Vintage blue surrounds the subject and escalates the nostalgic quality of this masterful and breathtaking painting."


September, 2019


Finalist - Gateway International Painting Competition 

July 2019

"A dramatic and soulful portrait with a subtle color harmony.

I enjoy the juxtaposition of soft edges overall with sharp edges in the eyes and clothing."

Judge and Category: 

Anna Rose Bain, Representational Professional


Best in Show - Gallery Ring

"NOVEMBER is soft and plush yet powerful and mysterious. A frosty hush apprehends the viewer who is spellbound by a young, blond angel with soulful, sad eyes that focus on a situation presently unfolding off the canvas to the right. Her blue gaze that comes forth from beneath a cozy and fuzzy, touchable hood is so convincing and active that the viewer might be caught turning around to glimpse what interests her so. An absence of strong colour enhances the eyes, mouth and skin that donate warmth, moisture and vitality amidst the cool atmosphere. Feathers that float above the wing on the left suggest she just landed on Earth to share her quiet wisdom in this masterful, genuine and beautiful painting."



August, 2019


Finalist, Gateway International Painting Competition 

July 2019


"A charming, simple portrait, just Jessica and her thoughts. Crest/side lighting adds to the reflective mood of the subject. The drawing is solid. The warm and cool range of her flesh tones are successful. The minimal treatment of the background and the choice of the yellow compliment are terrific."

Judge: Nancy Calder

"5 of 5: Gorgeous Portrait - Excellent portrait reflecting

the mood of the model."

June, 2019



Gateway International Artist Review

This is a beautiful portrait. For this viewer that lovely face reflects innocence

and purity, although that is perhaps not what the artist intended. Great skill

is demonstrated with all the elements of this piece - particularly the textures

of the hair and the cap. Overall it is an outstanding image.


October, 2018