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LION FINAL 300 DPI 02-22-22 F3 for web.jpg
Tara Mandala 20x30 Oil on Canvas for SCI 02-07-22 F.jpg
LAMB final 02-16-22 F2 flat for web.jpg
RED HAIRED GIRL WITH MEDICI COLLAR 8B with dry brush filter.jpg
Caterina 01-10-22 F3.jpg
04-13-21    DSC1127 e6 this one e4 Final
Alive 03-07-21 18x18 Final-1 for web.jpg
venus 04-15-21 Final small.jpg
Alive 03-07-21 18x18 Version 2 Final for
Gergana 04-14-21 Final Flat 16x20 for we
Wren  17x24 reference 01-16-21 FINAL FIN
my immortal 04-08-21 for web.jpg
One Jenny 18x18 final 03-07-21 for web.j
Jordan 12x12 reference photo 02-05-21 FI
Carrington new version 12x12  03-14-21 n
4 Jennys final 02-07-21.jpg
USE THIS - Untitled 16x16 08-14-20 flat
Bloom.Columbo 10x20 Final option 5 02-11
Untitled fixed hairline cropped to 16x16
Maggie for web 9x9 e3.jpg
Shard final 09-04-20 use this for
USE THIS - Iris new painting 08-14-20 ey
Willow digital painting 03-18-20 16x20 e
Chom 36 final 0-03-20 small for web.jpg
girls and dreams little strip as of 09-1
Bardo 12x12 as of 09-14-20 F3.jpg
Wanderer 09-20-20 Final 13x12.jpg
secret garden cropped close.jpg
i'm about to come alive for web3.jpg
Jessica 24x24 Columbo_edited.jpg
Columbo_Christine_Summer for website.jpg
Starman 16x20 09-13-20 Final for web.jpg
Barry norris scan Columbo wildlife expid
351 days of Corona detail.jpg
sophia redo_10in FOR WEB BARRY
Lorilee final portrait 08-15-19 F
Macy study in oil 8x10 F3 100dpi stretch
02 there is nothing wrong with me 16x24
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